After some good feedback from this article last year we have decided to re-publish this useful guide.

Choosing the right university is extremely important; there are many factors to be considered. The university or education institution is the place that will be awarding you with recognised academic credentials and it will also be your “home” for several years. You will be studying, playing sport, socialising and working there so being certain it is the right place for you is extremely important.

Key factors that should be considered include:

  • Does the university or education institution provide the program / field of study that you want? Visit the website or the university or education institution to read their course outlines. Make sure you do your research, don’t just rely on your education agent for all the information.
  • Make sure the admission requirements of the institution and course(s) are right for your academic record / results – you don’t want to apply and then be rejected!.
  • Do you want to study at a large institution or a small one?
  • What are your interests? Is the university close to the things that interest you like sports parks or shopping centres?
  • Cost of living? You will need to have money for more than just your course fees – consider the cost of accommodation, food, books etc. when making your decision. Also consider if there will be part time work available in the area.

Once you have identified which things are important to you making a good decision will be easier, you can then enrol on your course with confidence that you made a good choice!

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