IEMS are a registered migration agent in Australia, and provide the complete range of migration and visa services.

We employ a team of full-time professional Migration Agents with and are registered with the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority .

Our migration services include:

  • Advice and guidance through the entire immigration cycle
  • Assistance with the location and completion of immigration forms
  • Organisation and co-ordination of medical examinations
  • Organisation of police clearances
  • Assistance with the granting or location of various legislative assessments or qualifications


All international students intending to study in Australia require a valid Australian student visa for the duration of the course. The assessment and granting of your student visa application is assessed on various criteria, including your passport country and course(s) of study to determine your Assessment Level. The Student visa subclass under which you will be assessed is determined by your main course of study, even if you are studying a package of courses. For more information on student subclass options, please refer to

IEMS provides assistance, guidance in the following types of Australian student visa:

570 – Independent ELICOS
571 – Schools
572 – Vocational Education and Training
573 – Higher Education
574 – Postgraduate Research
575 – Non-Award
576 – AusAID or Defence

For more information, please refer to

IEMS can help you if medical examinations are a condition of your visa. We will assist you to download the forms and make the necessary appointments with DIAC registered medical examiners.

International students in Australia can lodge student visa applications online, which are referred to as an eVisa. eVisa applications are given a unique Transaction Reference Number (TRN). For questions related to how to apply for australia student visa click here of click the apply button.


The Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) award an Australian student visa on a case by case basis, considering applications on their individual merit. Of particular significance in the student visa process, is the Assessment Level which DIAC assigns to your country of origin, and the education sector of your principal course. Each country, across each education sector, is assigned an Assessment Level, which is pre-determined by DIAC and is based on historical statistical indicators designed to calculate immigration risk and ensure a fast, efficient and consistent service.

There are five Assessment Levels in the student visa program. Assessment Level 1 represents the lowest immigration risk and Assessment Level 5 the highest. The higher the Assessment Level, the greater the evidence and amount of documentation an applicant is required to demonstrate to support their claims for a student visa.

The information sheet, available on the DIAC website outlines all Assessment levels and provides further information. Please refer to the DIAC website or contact one of our Migration Lawyers or Admissions Counsellors for further information by clicking here or click the apply button.