International students looking to study in Australia need to consider the cost of studying abroad in Australia. As an International student you are required to prove that you have sufficient funds before you can receive a student visa.

Depending upon the assessment level of the country from which they are applying, applicants may have to demonstrate that they can cover living expenses for the first one or two years. More information on Student Visa Assessment Levels is available here. Once granted a student visa, they will have certain working rights, but this should not be be the only source of income. More information on student working rights in Australia is available here.


How much does it cost to study abroad in Australia? The financial requirements / study in Australia cost for international students and their families are outlined below. These charges were introduced on 1 July 2012:

Living Expenses

  • Student – $18,610.00 AUD per year
  • Partner – $6515.00 AUD per year
  • First Child – $3720.00 AUD per year
  • Additional Child – $2790 AUD per year

Tuition Fees

  • Student – Cost of course
  • School Age Children (5-18) – $8000.00 AUD per year

Travel Expenses

  • Student – Money available for return air fare from country of origin
  • Family members – Money available for return air fare from country of origin


A successful application for a student visa is dependent upon a range of factors, designed by the Australian Department of Immigration to ensure that the student and any family members are able to complete their studies satisfactorily and within a safe and healthy environment. The factors that are taken into account include:

  • Previous financial circumstances of the applicant and additional family members
  • Previous employment history
  • Source of income
  • Nature of income

For more information on migration options, cost of studying in Australia, and our services to assist you being granted a student visa, please contact one of our Admission Advisor’s here.


Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)

International students looking to study in Australia are also required to maintain Overseas Student Health Cover (OHSC) for the duration of their course. IEMS can recommend a number of business partners to assist. For more information, please contact us by clicking here.

When asking yourself “how much does it cost to study in Australia?” there are a number of considerations to think of. In brief these include course fees, living expenses, return air fares, books and of course don’t forget having money left over to enjoy all the great things to do in Australia. To find out more lodge your details by clicking here or on the apply button.