World economists & humanists rate the world cities on their stability, healthcare, culture and environment, education and infrastructure. According to the Global Liveability Ranking of all cities around the earth, 4 of Australia’s cities are in the top 10.

When asking yourself “why study in Australia?” you should consider the following: Studying in Australia offers a quality education, value for money in one of the safest places in the world to live while also offering the best lifestyle anywhere in the world!

Australian educational institutions are renowned for their quality of teaching and research, to promote creativity and independent thinking. International students in Australia are not only attracted to the world class facilities but also the social, cultural and environmental diversity.


Studying in Australia gives guaranteed quality assurance. The institutions and their courses must meet strict government regulations before they are able to accept international students, This ensures that the teaching & facilities are, and will continue to be amongst the best in the world and recognised internationally.

After you have chosen to enrol, each qualified institution provides student support services to help facilitate a smooth transition to life in Australian education. Institutions offer extensive international student support services via their International Office, including facilities and resources such as legal services, health and counselling, student accommodation, child care, clubs and societies, prayer and worships rooms, career services, banking, shopping and food outlets, social clubs and events; and sport and fitness facilities.


Tuition fees are affordable and comparable to the United Kingdom and United States. You can even offset your living costs with part-time work while you study.

In Australia you will enjoy one of the highest standards of living in the world. It is a popular destination for both students seeking to study overseas and also individuals or families wishing to move here permanently and go through the immigration process.

Protection of student fees means international students are safe in the knowledge that the Australian Government ensures a high standard of learning.


Living & studying in Australia is the safest in the world.

Educational institutions in Australia take their responsibilities to international students and all student welfare very seriously and Australia experiences some of the lowest crime rates in the world.


Studying in Australia allows international students to become a part of an inclusive cosmopolitan community with easy access to health, sporting and entertainment, and travel. Whichever university, VET institution or college you decide on, all of our educational providers encourage a welcoming, friendly, campus life and each with strong sense of community.

Australia is a culturally diverse nation known to be tolerant, informal and a fair & equal society. As reflected in the large International student population, Australia is a multicultural nation with over 25% of Australian citizens having been born overseas. The capital cities particularly have a vibrant arts scene, restaurants, shopping and sporting & cultural events.

The sub tropical climate in Australia is envied around the world with warm summers & mild winters which means a great outdoor lifestyle; travel, parks, markets, festivals and sporting activities.

There are many advantages to study in Australia for an International student, if you would like to hear more and speak with one of our skilled Admissions Counsellors to discuss your options before you apply, click here.