IEMS Group: Your global student recruitment partner

IEMS work with a wide range of organisations, including Universities, Colleges, Vocational Education & Training Providers and English language institutions,  providing well qualified students and a range of value added services, detailed below. At IEMS, it is our aim to ensure that our customers see us as a business partner rather than just a service provider. We invest our time to understand the values and culture of our clients’ organisations, and we understand that each of our clients will have different objectives, strategies and goals relating to recruitment of international students.

We are a privately owned, independent business, and maintain complete impartiality and transparency in the recruitment process, ensuring that we are constantly putting the needs of our students first. Our methods, technologies, marketing and networking strategies allow our customers to diversify their international  student population, enjoy the significant cost savings that come through a streamlined and thoroughly vetted application process, and take the time and hassle out of student recruitment. We also provide a range of market information services, such as published surveys and industry trend analysis, to help our customers forecast and budget international student recruitment with confidence.

Global Network

IEMS has agreements in place with a large number of overseas Education and Governmental organisations, and operates a global network of partner agencies to support our student attraction initiatives and give us the ability to undertake a comprehensive qualification process. Our main countries of focus are India, China, Vietnam & South Korea, and have established key relationships with organisations in Saudia Arabia, Brazil, Turkey & Indonesia. We also accept applications from a wide range of other countries outside of our immediate scope, due to our investment in social media and search engine optimisation. The focus on traditional high volume markets and emerging economies means that our clients can enjoy diversification of their student population and assurance that IEMS has a global, and not regional, scope.

Accredited Student Counsellors

IEMS are committed to providing students with the highest levels of service and impartial advice, and all of our student counsellors are required to undergo PIER training as part of our induction process. IEMS ensure that all of our employees are fully conversant and compliant with the principles of the Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS) Act, so that our customers can have confidence in being represented by an organisation that values the highest levels of integrity, honesty and ethics. We employ multilingual counsellors to ensure that our advice takes into account cultural and behavioural indicators, and as a result, our customers enjoy some of the highest application conversion rates in the industry.

Investment in Technology

The international education industry become increasingly reliant on technology, such as social media & online networking to communicate, attract, and provide quality and efficient services for students and Education Providers. As a result, our forward thinking growth strategy is based around a substantial investment in technology, and we are considered industry leaders in online marketing. IEMS utilise all aspects of social media, but importantly country-specific media and Search Engine Optimisation, as well as state of art analytics for trending and management reporting. Our in-house recruitment tracking system, part of our management CRM, using, enables us to react rapidly to our customers requirements and provide effective management information. 

Management Reporting, Surveys & Market Information

The success of our delivery mechanism is based on the ability to measure our results. By adopting a culture of continuous development, IEMS tailors the management information we provide to the changing needs of our clients. Our customised CRM can therefore provide a wide range of management reporting in real-time, allowing our customers to have visbility of our results, processes and work in progress and many others key statistics. IEMS also undertake and publish various surveys on trends in international student recruitment, which are available on request, and subscribe to 3rd party surveys such as the World Education Service.

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